LOTRO Academy: 23 – Terminology


LOTRO Academy
Clocking in at over an hour and twenty minutes, this episode is packed full of MMO and LOTRO terminology. Branick and Mysteri do their best to define and explain the terms you’re likely to come across in Lord of the Rings Online™. We try to keep it friendly and entertaining rather than dry, and hope you find it illuminating. Thanks for listening.


  1. McQuiggin /

    Hey guys! Good info on this podcast. There were a couple of terms that were on the list that I have not heard of. The one that comes to mind is “add”. I can see where this comes from. The goblins are the worst at “adds” when they get to a low point in their morale they run to pick up more goblins for help. Highly annoying, especially when you don’t have a ranged attack.

    Myst, when you mentioned Puff the Magic Dragon and the response Branick gave, which was silence, made me chuckle. I think you threw Branick for a loop. He may be a bit too young to know who Puff is! LOL

  2. Indy /

    This episode is not just informative and should really help any new players, it’s also funny and entertaining to someone like me who’s been playing MMO’s for about ten years now, great job!

    I’d note that while trash mobs are generally easy, they don’t have to be; while individually weaker than the bosses that are the real targets, a given pull of a trash mob group *can* be pretty tough, if that’s how it is designed. In my MMO raiding career, there have been a couple of places where we considered a particular trash mob group a harder fight than the actual boss. It’s just they don’t drop the good loot…

  3. Zyngor /

    Nice episode – it may not have been short, but it was sweet – loved Mysteri’s alternate definitions! Excellent term guide for the Academy’s archives!

    In terms of debuffs/buffs, I believe the UI normally displays your debuffs on the top row under your morale/power, and the buffs are in the row(s) below. It’ll make it easier for you or your fellowship to see which debuffs you have, should you be able to remove any with potions or class-specific skills

    I feel that the current way the “tagging” works encourages utilizing fellowships over solo, which ties in deeply with game lore (and offers experience to all). As for “pot” (unless it was out of sloth), I’m thinking it could have originated from people telling others to use a potion in the midst of battle, hence shortening the term…and it caught on, I guess.

    Farming for the win! Hope you guys are having fun with the festival – I’ve been having a blast with it, especially the fishing and the variety of items available. Cheers!

  4. Tapkoh /

    Twas a good list with great “alternative” definitions. Just a couple of points to expand upon if I may. “Pull” can also be a noun, meaning a group of mobs that you will aggro all together. You will hear people say they are on the nth pull after/before a boss, for example. They may also say “trash pull.”

    One distinction that wasn’t made, and generally isn’t by people, is that mezzes and stuns are different things in LotRO. Stuns are shorter and can’t be prematurely interrupted by damage. For example, the Lore-master’s Test of Will skill comes with a 5-second stun. In contrast, mezzes (or dazes as the game calls them) are longer and damage will break them. The LM’s Blinding Flash skill has a default 30-second mez that damage will break after an initial 2-second grace period.

    One last difference is that stuns will apply a buff after they expire that will render the former stunee immune to stuns, knockdowns, fellowship maneuvers, etc. for 10 seconds, I believe. Mezzes do not do this.

  5. Michel /

    As usual, informative and enjoyable. I’ve liked the funny answers of Mysteri, and I’ve learned or understood better many terms. Thanks again for the good work.

    mikl k
    Melkraen on Dwarrowdelf

  6. Pineleaf /

    My favorite example of a mule was from the original Diablo. In that came, gold took up inventory space and items (including gold) could be deposited on the ground and picked by others.

    I was once playing in a group and one of the vendors had an item that was quite sweet for one of the players in the group. He said “Let me get my dad.” He then went offline, another character named “Dad” then came online and dropped a large amount of gold on the ground, and then the original character returned to pick it up.

    That was the ultimate gold mule character.

  7. Great podcast…and I appreciate the clarification from Tapkoh about stuns and mezzes. It makes me wonder how dazes and roots compare to stuns and mezzes. Can you clarify?

    Another set of terms I often see confused by new players are skirmish, encounter, raid and instance.

    Good work. Very helpful.

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