LOTRO Academy: 12 – Customizing LOTRO


LOTRO Academy
LOTRO Academy is back. Brygard, author of the popular B.G.M. series of custom LOTRO UI mods, joins Branick, Mysteri, Calddir, and Areuhat for this episode about customizing your LOTRO experience.


  1. I’d just like to say how useful this podcast has been, and how enjoyable it is to listen to. This being my first real online game, I found the early episodes to be extremely helpful in understanding many things such as crafting, and gaining an interest in this system. I really think this podcast was timed perfectly with the launch of Free-to-Play, and, while a would have started playing before the switch, and am now a VIP, your shows have been a perfect addition to the game itself. On behalf of my kin, The Lords of Eldora, and our server, Elendilmir, thank you for your help.

    P.S. I am hoping soon to find time to start another adventure on Arkenstone, and join up with you guys in game.

  2. Hey there Redhras,

    I love this podcast. I have started a couple of new characters and have found levelling up so much better and getting my character sorted because of the stuff I have learned from the podcast.

    I am so having fun and hope all new players are enjoying the game more as well and of course the older ones too 🙂

    Will be glad to fellow with you on Arkenstone if u can put up with my lag 🙂

    Have fun


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