LOTRO Academy: 8 – LOTRO Goals For 2011


LOTRO Academy
It’s the first episode of the new year, and we’ve got some Resolutions to share with you. Branick, Mysteri, and Calddir share their individuals goals for the year and discuss what you can expect in the coming year at LOTRO Academy. Thanks for listening.


  1. Kevin Flaherty /

    Hi – Thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed I am that you have gone to so much trouble on Lotro and that I have enjoyed listening to your broadcasts.

  2. zangraP /

    Thanx again for the awesome podcast, I have a suggestion for the site: it would be great if you made a database for all the weekly polls you make so the listeners could see the results of the past polls- just a suggestion! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey guys, we both listen to you guys and I think that you’re doing a great job! You all are more than welcome to link to us from your sites and we will be happy to link to you as well. πŸ™‚

    Also, I was the fist Merric! (Inside joke between Maerech and myself.)

  4. Thanks for listening and leaving comments guys.

    @zangraP: I don’t think it’s possible to make the poll results logs public with the poll plugin I’m currently using. I’ve got my eye out for another.

    @Merric: We’ve already been trading links since before Episode 1, an arrangement which has benefited LOTRO Academy more than CSTM I’m sure. It’s much appreciated. πŸ™‚ Also, was that supposed to be “first Merric” or is “fist Merric” what makes it an inside joke?

  5. Mysteri /

    Thanx for the comments guys and it is good to know that you are enjoying the podcast. Thanx for the awesome work you do as well Merric. I would be lost without the festival guides πŸ™‚

    Have a great year everyone.

  6. Hi Guys, I love the show. You guys are great. Grats on the horse and gold, Mysteri. I also feel your pain on lags and such. Mine is mainly blue screen issues. Should be solved when I get my new PC. I’m on the Brandywine server/Free play. Going VIP in the future. It would be great if you guys had a video feed during the broadcast showing your in game characters. Peace and ga-day. Xarneth

  7. I do listen πŸ˜›

  8. Branick /

    Yay! /dance_jig

  9. Collin (}SoC{ Hobbit) /

    Great job guys, love all the info I’m getting from listening to the podcast. I have been playing Lotro since it went free to play and became VIP the other day. If any of you ever play on the Crickhollow look me up. My main character is a lvl 27 captain and the name is Turon. Keep it up. mist, hope your lag issues get fixed soon.

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