LOTRO Academy: 1 – Getting Started


LOTRO Academy
For the introductory episode of LOTRO Academy, Branick and Mysteri invite Damworth, leader of the Swifty and Hammo kinship on Arkenstone, onto the show to offer a brief primer on character creation in Lord of the Rings Online™. Topics discussed include where to go to get started, choosing a server, choosing a race, and choosing a class. Though we keep this one pretty light, we plan to go much more in-depth in our future episodes. You can listen to the episode using the player below.

For more in-depth information on getting started with LOTRO now that it’s become Free to Play, we recommend this guide over at mmorsel.


  1. I know your site isn’t quite new, but I just found it via Mordor or Bust’s blogroll. Congrats on the new podcast and looking forward to hearing more from all of you. Glad to have ya as part of the community!

  2. A good listen for sure, but I of course will disagree on the Warden, which is a tank class, not a ranged tank.

    Most groups now will look for a tank and a healer. If they have a Warden, they don’t need a tank. There are places where Guardians may be easier for the group but there’s nothing that a Warden can’t tank and in some cases (AoE tanking) they’re by FAR the best. The problem for many (like you mentioned) is that many Wardens solo, and because of the complexities of the class, they aren’t as prepared for group play.

    Shameless plug, my blog is pretty heavily focused on Wardens so feel free to pop over with any questions or comments 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed your first podcast and as a premier player coming back to the game I look forward to more podcasts.

    Any subject that you can talk about that could help an new or returning player to enjoy the game and get the most out of their gaming experience would be awesome.

    The first time I tried LOTRO I created a champion and quit after a month. Now that LOTRO is F2P I just created a hunter and I am finding that I’m enjoying the game much more.

    So my advice would be to new players or even returning players is to give several or more of the classes a try at least in the early levels to see which style of play you like the most.

    I find that I enjoy a “caster” class more than a “melee” class but everyone has their own preferences and some individuals like to try one of each class out.

  4. Thanks for the welcome and the feedback everyone. I’ve been out of town so I couldn’t respond sooner, but I appreciate all the kind words. Specifically, thanks for the Warden tips DocHoliday, I actually did check out your blog a few days after recording the episode. I haven’t played a Warden myself, but when it comes time to cover playing the class in depth, I think I’ll definitely get in contact with you.

  5. @Eldos – I 100% agree, even though I’ve been playing the game since launch I recently realized I didn’t like ranged damage as my RK completely stalled but I’m flying through content and enjoying it on my Champion.

    @Branick – not a problem 🙂 that’s why I have my blog as it can be hard to keep track of all the classes especially depending on your experiences with them. Feel free to let me know if you have questions, and keep up the good work!

  6. Mysteri /

    Thanx for the comments guys. I enjoyed reading them and learning a bit more. Glad you liked the first episode of the podcast and I am definitely gonna head over to your blog and check it out DocHoliday.

    Thanx guys and have fun

  7. Urailas /

    Congrats on the new podcast guys! Good job on the first episode.

    Just wanted to touch on a few points. When it comes to the Champion, when running in Fervour stance (maximum dps) another key point to remember is you can not evade or parry attacks in that stance on top of the -30% incoming healing (which you can get to -10% if race of man at level cap).

    When it comes to LM’s (my main) they are also considered the best debuffer in the game and should be debuffing in all group situations. Another big skill for LM’s is the disease/wounds removal, especially once the trait is earned which allows for a fellowship wide removal (within a 25 m radius). LM’s can also crank out some impressive burst AOE dps.

    Looking forward to more podcasts!

  8. Good start, looking forward to more.

    Yeah you need to check out Doc’s blog. I play mostly end-game (as a warden) And have yet been replaced by a guardian. In fact I have been main-tank in raids where there were two other guardians. Player skill matters more with warden tanking than guardian tanking, due to the differences in mitigation. It all depends on the situation. There are times when wardens are by far the better choice, and times when guardians are the better choice. We have a saying in our raids, If you have captains and wardens, it’s gonna be easy.

    And that comes from a raid leader who raids 4+ nights a week (not me).

  9. Mysteri /

    Thanx for the posts guys.

    Urailas, you have to forgive my ignorance but I am assuming LM is a Lore Master :D. Yes I am a total Noob when it comes to all the MMO speak.

    Az, I do plan on checking out Doc’s blog. You guys seem to make things sound so easy. I am sure by the time I reach Level 65 I will know some basics at least.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the Podcast. I had fun doing it with Branick and now that I know a bit more, the next one should be even better. 🙂

    Have fun


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